CC Basic Instructions (5min)


The CentriCycle Centrifuge, as shown below,  is currently under development. It originally came from a freshman class project at University of Michigan.

Centrifuges are medical devices that spin around rapidly to separate blood into its component parts. Our device, as shown in figure 3, is affordable at $100 and separates blood within 4 minutes. Complete blood separation occurs when the handle is rotated by hand at 45 revolutions per minute for 4 minutes.  A light will indicate that the device is being operated at the proper speed and another light will turn on to indicate the proper time is reached.

The importance of separating blood  is two-fold:

  1. Extension of transportation life: Whole un-separated blood with no additives at room temperature can only provide an accurate diagnosis for up to 2 hours. Separated blood, on the other hand, can provide accurate diagnosis for up to 8 hours. This is critical for mobile clinics as well as storing blood until power is restored in stationary clinics.
  2. Enablement of Rapid Diagnostic Tests (RDT’s): RDT’s often require separated plasma in order to be effective and accurate in their diagnosis.  These RDT’s are readily available in India and used to diagnose disease such as hepatitis B and C, syphilis, typhoid fever, dengue fever, malaria, and diabetes.

Our device was created after conversations with over 200 doctors, technicians, non-profit administrators, heads of private hospitals, government officials, mechanical engineers, and entrepreneurs on the ground in India.